Lab 15. Subscribe to notifications

Expected completion time of this lab: 5 min.

All motes in the network can generate data. When the manager receives that data, it creates a "notification". By default all notifications are disabled; you need to subscribe to manager notifications to receive them on your computer.

  • Close the PkGen application if it's still open.
  • Open the APIExplorer application, and connect to the SmartMesh IP Manager.
  • Issue the subscribe command with the following parameters to receive notifications:


    The "filter" and "unackfilter" fields contain a bitmap of notifications to enable. This is detailed in the SmartMesh IP Manager API guide. What this commands means is "subscribe to all types of notifications".

  • At this point, you will see all notifications from all motes (for example temperature readings).
  • To avoid getting too many notifications, switch off all the motes except one for the following labs.