Lab 14. Receive Health Reports

  • create the following Node-RED flow:

You will have to wait approximately 20 minutes to receive all the health reports and be able to answer the questions in this lab. We strongly recommend you deploy the Node-RED flow above as soon as you start the lab, with the debug node activated, and let it run while you answer the questions below.


Alternatively, here is  a log file of Node-RED after it has run for approx 1h:

  File Modified

Text File node-red_log.txt

Apr 26, 2019 by Thomas Watteyne


Answer 1:

  • How often to you receive a health report from each of the motes?

Answer 2:

  • Make sure you receive at least one Device Health Report from one of your motes. What is the value of the "charge" field?

Answer 3:

  • How much charge is contained in a pair of AA batteries?

Answer 4:

  • Given the time at which you started the lab, what is the expected lifetime of that mote? Point out the major catch with this calculation.

Answer 5:

  • Wait for a "discovered neighbors" health report. How many neighbors has your mote discovered?

Answer 6:

  • Can your mote discover neighbors from other networks around you?

Answer 7: