Lab 27. Searching for networks

Expected completion time of this lab: 15 min


It is important that all groups perform this step at the same time. Let the instructor know when you reach this point.

  • Switch on all motes and managers.
  • Issue a search command. Once this command is issued, your mote starts listening for beacons from the different SmartMesh IP networks around it. Each time it hears one, it issues a notification, which is printed on the APIExplorer application.
  • Fill in the following table with the notifications you receive (avoid putting notifications with the same netId and moteId twice):

    Answer 21.1:


    This search mechanism is useful for a mote to choose which network to join. When it has found a network it wishes to join, the mote first needs to change its netid to match that of the network. In your case, you will NOT do this, since you will join your own SmartMesh IP Manager.

    The netid NOT a secret, i.e. it is not a security mechanism. When a mote joins, it needs to have a "join key" (a 16-byte number) which matches that on the manager. So hearing a network through the search mechanism does NOT mean the mote can join that network.

  • The only way to leave the search mode is by resetting the mote. Issue a reset command. After issuing this command, it takes the mote 5 seconds to reset. The mote has reset when you receive a notification with the “events” field set to “1 (boot)”