Lab 00. Things to Install

Every time you see C:\Users\Thomas\Desktop\ in these instructions, replace it with the correct path for your desktop.

Download Source Code

  • Download the following code on your computer's desktop:







SmartMesh SDK

A collection of programs to interact with your SmartMesh IP network

Note that we are using Git branch develop, which is the one that currently supports Python 3.


How do I download?

The links above point to source repositories on To download the code, click on:

  • Unzip the source code on your computer's desktop

Python 3.9


All source code is written in Python. You need to install Python on your computer to run the source code.

Make sure you add python.exe to your path during the installation process.


  • Install the Python packages needed by the SmartMesh SDK by typing the following command:

1 C:\Users\Thomas\Desktop\smartmeshsdk-develop>pip install -r requirements.txt


What is pip?

pip is a utility which comes with Python, and which automatically downloads and installs packages listed in a requirements.txt file.


When am I done?

Double-click on C:\Users\Thomas\Desktop\smartmeshsdk-master\app\JsonServer\ to verify the program starts well:

We will not use that program until much later, close it for now.

If you get the following error when running Python, make sure the Python executable path is present in you system PATH variable:

1 'python' is not recognized as an internal of external command



You will use Node-RED ( to connect your SmartMesh IP network to different back-end systems, and build a dashboard.

FTDI drivers

FTDI is the make of a chip on the SmartMesh IP motes. You need the driver of that chip on your computer. This is normally already installed, so you can probably skip this step. On older Windows computers, this driver isn't included by default.

On Windows, download and install the setup executable for easier use.

Serial Terminal

Make sure you have a serial terminal program (PuTTY, TeraTerm, etc) installed on your computer, and that you know how to use it to open/close a serial port.

If you are using MACOS, you don't have to install anything. You can use the built-in package called "screen".

Microsoft Excel

You will use Microsoft Excel in Lab 10. Performance estimator. Make sure each group has at least one computer that has it installed.