Lab 21. Exploring the serial API

Expected completion time of this lab: 30 min

  • You can issue any (raw) serial API command to the manager by issuing:
  • issue a getNetworkConfig command.

  • What is the networkId of your SmartMesh IP Manager?

    Answer 1:


  • What is the maximum number of motes it supports?

    Answer 2:


  • Issue a getNetworkInfo command.
  • What is the number of motes currently in your network?

    Answer 3:


  • Using the getPathInfo command, verify the quality of a link between one of your motes and the manager (you can get the MAC addresses using the “sm” command in CLI). Fill in the following table:

    The payload for the getPathInfo command contains fields:

        "manager": 0,
        "command": "getPathInfo",
        "fields": {
            "source": "00-17-0d-00-00-38-06-45",
            "dest": "00-17-0d-00-00-38-03-dd"

    Answer 4:

    source MAC addressdestination MAC addressquality