Lab 20. OAP pkgen

Expected completion time of this lab: 15 min

The PkGen sample application talks with the “pkgen” addressable element over OAP. This element can generate an arbitrary amount of (dummy) data.

  • If you have another applications running (e.g. APIExplorer), make sure to close it as only a single application can access the manager's API serial port at once.

  • Open the PkGen sample application by running the app\PkGen\ program. Connect to the SmartMesh IP Manager.

  • Using the application, configure the mote to transmit the following:

    num100 packets
    rate100 ms (10 packets per second)
    size60 bytes of (dummy) data
  • What happens the first time you issue this command?

    Answer 14.1:

  • What happens the subsequent times you issue the command?

    Answer 14.2: