Lab 11. See The Mesh

Make sure your motes are on and have joined the manager (type sm on the manager’s CLI interface). If you have no motes active, this will not work.

Make sure you unzip the file you downloaded, and run application from the unzipped smartmeshsdk-develop/ folder, not the zip file itself.

  • In your smartmeshsdk-develop directory navigate to app, SeeTheMesh

  • Double-click on to start the program

  • The following command line interface opens

  • Draw the topology you see

Answer 1:

  • Click on the little map icon in the upper-right hand corner

    • the “box” is where new motes appear

    • red pins represent motes

    • blue pins represent the manager

    • you can drag the box and all pins around, to their actual location

    • you can click on either the pins or the links to display statistics

If you close the application then restart, the pins will remain at the same position. Their position is stored in file latlng.json in your SeeTheMesh/ directory.

  • Add/delete motes to see the topology dynamically changing

  • close the application by closing the command window. Just closing the browser does not stop the application,

  • Make sure the application is stopped before moving to the next lab