Lab 06. Network Identifier

List the motes connected to your manager

  • Switch on your manager and all your motes

  • Wait for all motes to join.

  • On your manager, type the following commands:

    1 2 > login user > sm
  • You can type sm (for “show motes”) multiple times, until all nodes are in the operational state, and no new motes are joining.

  • What are the MAC addresses of your manager and motes?

Answer 1:

  • Compare those MAC address to the label printed on your motes. What does the printed label represent?

Answer 2:

Verify your manager’s Network Identifier

  • On your manager, type the follow command:

    1 2 > login user > minfo
  • What is the network identifier of your manager (netid)?

Answer 3:

Change your motes' Network Identifier

  • Ask your instructor for the netid of his/her manager

  • Type the following command on your mote:

    1 mset netid <netid your instructor gave you>
  • Power cycle your mote (switch it off and on)

  • Make sure you see your mote appear on the instructor's manager.

  • Revert your mote's netid to your manager's netid and power cycle your mote.

About Security: This trick of attaching to a different network works because there is no Access Control List (ACL) defined on the instructor's manager. In a production network, the ACL on the manager lists the motes that can join, and their join key. A different join key (or "password to connect") is used for each mote.

For maximum flexibility during this session, the instructors manager is configured so it accepts any mote.