Lab 26. Slave serial API

Expected completion time of this lab: 10 min


The mote’s serial API is only active when it is in slave mode. If you try to connect the APIExplorer to a mote in master mode, you will see that it fails to connect.

  • Open the APIExplorer application.
  • Select:

    network typeSmartMesh IP
    device typemote
  • Click "load".
  • In the connection frame that appeared, enter the mote's API port. The APIExplorer now has connected to your SmartMesh IP Mote.
  • Similar to the SmartMesh IP Manager case, the "command" drop down menu contains the list of commands you can issue to your SmartMesh IP Mote over its serial port. The names of the commands are intuitive.
  • What command allows you to get the MAC address of your mote?

    Answer 20.1:


  • Verify that this address is indeed what is printed on the label of your SmartMesh IP Mote.
  • What is the command to get the netid of your mote?

    Answer 20.2:


  • Verify that this netid is what you expect.