Instructors Requirements

This page describes the hardware and software requirements for instructor to have before starting the Dust Academy courses.


Network Devices

First you need to buy DC9021B SmartMesh IP kits. The price for one kit is $750.00. Each kit has 5 motes and 2 managers than is ideal for 2-3 students. You can also buy each device individually.

They are available on Analog Device.

DC9021B Contents

Sensors and Actuators

Here a list of sensors you can use. Try to find sensors that work with 3V, and work with a simple interface: Digital on/off or analog. The sensor must not draw more than 0.8A if powered by the Dust devices pins (it can be directly plugged to the battery though).

Note that there are LEDs on the boards so you don't need to buy some.

Door switch

Passive and easy to hook.

Passive Infra-Red (PIR)

You can find board that trigger pins when movements are detected such as:

Easy to hook.


Noise Floor




Take as much wires as you can!

You are going to need male-male, female-male and female-female ones. You can find all of that on Digikey for instance.


Grab a kit so you have a wide range.

Bread boards

For wiring development, you are going to need some breadboards. No soldering is involved.


The motes are powered using coin cells. If you need the motes to run for more than a few weeks, consider buying AA batteries and battery holders.


If you want to deploy your devices, you are going to need enclosures.

There are many around. Use IP65 or more for outdoor application. Example at Digikey.


You are going to need some zip ties, screw drivers, magnet (with hooks), double-side tape, nylon string


If you want to play with the cloud part of the class, make sure to create an account on IBM Bluemix before the class. Free student plans are available.

Network Issues

Make sure to do some test in the network you will use for the class. It is frequent to see firewall rules that do not let the traffic pass. For instance, you will probably use MQTT on port 1883.