Lab 30. Publish to Clouddata

Expected completion time of this lab: 10 min.

The PublishToWeb application published OAP temperature measurements to It is documented at PublishToWeb.

  • Make sure you have a manager running and at least one mote in master mode, publishing temperature data.
  • Start the PublishToWeb application and connect it to your manager's seriail API port.
  • Make sure you see temperature data from all your motes at

  • What first 5 temperature values are published?

    Answer 1:

    MAC addresstemperature

  • Read the Building recipe.
  • What is the database used on the server? What make this database interesting for this application?

    Answer 2:

  • What is the visualization front-end used on  the server?

    Answer 3:

  • How long is the data kept on the server before it is deleted?

    Answer 4:

Crash Course 30.1 (given by your instructor)

What exactly is running on the clouddata server?