Lab 10. Performance estimator

The "Dust Networks SmartMesh Power and Performance Estimator" ( is a Excel-based tool which allows you to evaluate the performance of your network, given a set of constraints.

  • Download and open the performance estimator.

You probably have to enable the contents to be able to run the estimator

  • Assume that you have

    • 1 manager

    • 20 1-hop motes

    • 20 2-hop motes

    • each mote sends an 80-byte data packet every 30s

  • In the "Estimator" tab, enter parameters corresponding to the setup described above. What setting did you use?

number of motes per depth


requested service


reporting interval


payload size


path stability


supply voltage




Answer 1:

  • What is the resulting estimated performance of your nodes?

Average current consumption at 1 hop


Average current consumption at 2 hops


mean upstream (US) latency at 1 hop


mean upstream (US) latency at 2 hops


Answer 2:

  • Using the "Battery Life" tab, convert the average current consumption figures in the table above into lifetime, for the following batteries:



L-91 AA




L-91 AA


battery lifetime for 1-hop motes




battery lifetime for 2-hop motes




Answer 3: