This website is run by the dustcloud Community.
We are a group of low-power wireless mesh enthusiasts working with SmartMesh networks.
The goal of this website is to collaborate on tools and discuss integration of SmartMesh into various projects.

On-Chip SDK

Write your application
on a SmartMesh IP mote.

SmartMesh SDK

Interact with the serial API
of the devices using Python.


A web interface to your
SmartMesh network.

C Library

Interact with the serial API
of the devices using C.

Questions? Suggestions?

Use Questions for discussions and questions. Use JIRA to submit bug reports and suggestions for improvement.


Refer to the licensing information in each project.

Latest SmartMesh Recipe

Interface your Mote to a Thermocouple

We use the DC9005 Eterna QuikEval Adapter to connect the mote to an LTC2984 Multi-Sensor High Accuracy Digital Temperature Measurement System Demo Board to read a K-type thermocouple.