DustCloud combines the power of GitHub and Atlassian to provide you an environment which speeds up development and encourages collaboration.

Developer Workflow

To benefit the most from DustCloud, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Make sure you have a Git client installed on your computer. We recommend TortoiseGit if you're a Windows user.
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  2. Create an account on GitHub.
  3. Explore the different projects on Confluence.
  4. Fork a project in GitHub. This will create copy of the complete project under your name.
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  5. Use the code in your repository. File a "Discussion" JIRA.
  6. Encounter a bug? File a "Bug" JIRA against the project. Feeling collaborative? Fix the bug and create a pull request so your fix gets merged back into the main repository.
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  7. Ideas? Suggestions? File a "New Feature" JIRA to add your idea to the wishlist for a future revision.