Lab 24. A Building Monitoring Solution

Expected completion time of this lab: 60 min.

Unlike the other lab, the instructions of this lab are not step-by-step. They should rather be considered as a reference; your instructor will guide the work during this lab.


Minimal Viable Product

You are called in by a building manager who wants to turn his building into a "Smart Building".

She wants to deploy a number of low-power wireless motes around her building, connected to sensors and actuators. She wants to be able to dynamically (re)configure the interactions between the nodes. For now, she wants the following interactions:

  • if the temperature drops below 20C, the heater switches on; if it above 20C, the heater switches off.

    You will use an LED to reflect the state of the heating system.

  • when someone opens the exit door, the alarm sounds; it stops when the door is closed.

    You will use an buzzer to reflect the state of the alarm.

Extra points

  1. Send out a Tweet is the door is open for more than 10s.

  2. Build a dashboard similar to what is described in Visualize your Data using Node-RED Dashboard.

Wiring up the reed switch

By convention, let's connect:

  • the tilt sensor to GPIO digital_in/D0 (DC9003 pin DP2)
  • the reed switch to GPIO digital_in/D1 (DC9003 pin S_MOSI)

Start by building the following circuit:

Through Node-RED, communicate with your mote to:

  • enable the digital input

  • enable “on-change” notifications

Verify that you see notifications with different values.

Wiring up the buzzer

By convention, let's connect the buzzer to GPIO digital_out/D4 (DC9003 pin I_MOSI)

Start by building the following circuit:


Through APIExplorer, communicate with your mote to switch the buzzer on/off.