Lab 17. Control an LED and a buzzer

Control an LED

As explained in, to blink the LED, you need to issue:

  • create the following Node-RED flow:

  • What is the configuration of the "LED on" and "LED off" nodes?

Answer 1:

  • What is the code you wrote in the function node?

Answer 2:

  • What is the configuration of the "http request" node:

Answer 3:

  • verify that you can switch the LED of your mote on/off

Control a Buzzer

Your SmartMesh IP mote has several pins you can control over OAP, exactly as the blue LED.

For example, “digital_out/D4” corresponds to the pin called I_MOSI on the DC9003 board.

  • Connect a buzzer to the board

    • buzzer pin labeled ‘+' to pin I_MOSIon your mote

    • buzzer pin labeled '-' to pin GND on your mote

  • adapt the Node-RED flow above, replacing digital_out/INDICATOR_0 by digital_out/D4

  • make sure you can switch the buzzer on/off