Lab 09. Join duty cycle

Expected completion time of this lab: 30 min.

Crash-course (given by your instructor)

What is the join duty cycle?

  • Switch off all the motes, except the one connected to your computer.
  • You can set its join duty cycle (between 0 and 255) by entering the following command:

    > mset joindc <duty_cycle>
  • You can read the join duty cycle by entering the following command:

    > mget joindc

Fill in the table below. For each measurement:

  • change the join duty cycle on the mote

  • switch the mote off

  • power-cycle the manager

  • switch the mote on and start a stopwatch

  • stop the stopwatch when both LEDs are on

    Answer 9.1:

    try 1

    try 2

    try 3


  • Plot the average join time as a function of the join duty cycle:

    Answer 9.2: