Lab 45: Ring of Things

We want to create a virtual “ring” of all actuators identified in , so that, on after the other, they switch on and off

  • have an ordered list of all actuator nodes in the network

  • identify when your motes are on this list, and write down your rank (1, 2,3, etc)

  • create a flow which:

    • subscribes to topic dustacademy/ringofthings/<rank>

    • switches your actuator on

    • switches your actuator off

    • published to topic dustacademy/ringofthings/<next rank> (in the figure about, the next rank for mote 1 and 2, and for mote 5 is 1

  • your instructor will start the loop and monitor the dustacademy/ringofthings/# topic, make sure so not touch anything and ensure as a group the ring is continuous

Congratulations, this is the end of the labs, you’re now a real duster!!