Install IAR

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM) is the primary toolchain for the On-Chip Software Development Kit. You are responsible to purchasing a copy of the IAR toolchain. Note that you cannot use the 32 kB kickstart edition since the final binary will be larger than 32 kB.

Typically, you will use IAR to connect to the LTC5800 chip through the IAR i-Jet for on-chip JTAG/EWD debugging. If you wish to do so, you need to buy this probe, possibly from the IAR eShop.

The On-Chip Software Development Kit was developed for IAR 6.4, or higher.

About IAR

IAR Systems® is the world’s leading independent vendor of development tools for embedded systems. The highly optimizing C/C++ compiler and debugger tool suite IAR Embedded Workbench® is available for 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontrollers from all major vendors, including all ARM cores. IAR Systems also provides a range of integrated in-circuit debugging probes and starter kits, and the graphical state machine design tool IAR visualSTATE®.

IAR Systems is headquartered in Sweden, and has sales and support offices in the US, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, France, and the UK, and distributors in 30 additional countries. More information is available at

IAR Embedded Workbench incorporates a compiler, an assembler, a linker and a debugger into one IDE. It is easy to use, provides advanced and highly efficient optimization features, and is highly integrated with hardware, RTOS products, and middleware. IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM is available in several versions, including a product package that is designed specifically for ARM Cortex-M core families.

Installing IAR

  1. Download and install your IAR copy following the standard installation procedure.
  2. Create the IAR_ARM_BASE environment variable (see Setting up the IAR_ARM_BASE Environment Variable) and set it to contain base address of your installation, e.g. IAR_ARM_BASE=C:\Program Files (x86)\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 6.4 
  3. For IAR versions prior to 7.4 (for IAR versions >= 7.4, these directories already exist):
    1. Create the IAR_ARM_BASE\arm\config\flashloader\Linear\DustNetworks\ directory
    2. Create the IAR_ARM_BASE\arm\config\linker\Linear\DustNetworks\ directory
  4. For IAR versions prior to 7.4, copy the files below from your On-Chip Software Development Kit installation directory (for IAR >= 7.4, these files are already present and this step is not needed):
    1. Copy the files in \tools\flash_loader\ -->  to IAR_ARM_BASE\arm\config\flashloader\Linear\DustNetworks\
    2. Copy \linker_configuration\Eterna.icf  -->  to IAR_ARM_BASE\arm\config\linker\Linear\DustNetworks\

Next Step: Download the SDK