API Documentation


 directory contains the html-based SmartMesh On-Chip API html documentation. This documentation was generated using the Doxygen tool.

It is a companion document to this guide, and documents the Application Programming Interface for programming the LTC5800, i.e. the functions and data structures to use to interact with the SmartMesh library provided as part of the On-Chip Software Development Kit.

Double-click on the file named index.html in the 

on_chip_api/html/ directory. This opens the following documentation in your browser.

Click on the Components link in the top menu to see the list of all components.

While developing your application, we recommend you keep the SmartMesh On-Chip API html documentation open.

While not identical, the On-chip API is very similar to the external mote Serial API - see the SmartMesh IP mote Serial API Guide for more details on the meaning of the arguments to various API commands.