Q: I programmed my mote from the debugger and it runs, but if I reset it it just shows a blank screen

A: You have a mismatched loader and application.  The OCSDK requires loader 1.0.5 or later.  Motes prior to 1.0.4 shipped with loader 1.0.3, so you will need to update it via ESP.   This happens because the debugger bypasses the loader.

Q: I programmed my mote and it repeatedly prints:

starting loader

invalid otap file


A: The loader could not find a valid image.  This means you:

    • didn't program one
    • erased part of the image via ESP
    • forgot to define the use_loader symbol in the linker.   There should be the following line in the Configuration file symbol definitions:

use_loader = 1

Q: I get an error executing the python script

A: You forgot to set the IAR_ARM_BASE environment variable. See Setting up the IAR_ARM_BASE Environment Variable