Getting Started

As an introduction to the SDK we start by building a "Hello World!" application.

To build 00-hello, you will need to follow these steps:
  1. Install the EWARM IAR toolchain and configure the IAR_ARM_BASE environment variable.  Note that the kickstart addition will not work with the OCSDK
  2. Download the SDK source from Github
  3. Get the library files from Linear and copy them into your SDK
  4. Install Python (if not installed already) to enable the post-build step
  5. Have a supported mote and optional programming/debugging tools
  6. Run the code

After you've successfully built and run your first OCSDK application, you can read the documentation starting with the basic concepts, explore the other sample applications, and review the doxygen API documentation.

Intended Audience

We assume that the reader is an engineer or embedded programmer who is familiar with C language application development on microcontrollers. If you are unfamiliar with multi-threaded programming, take a look at the app note What can µCOS-II do for you?

Next Step: Install IAR