Import the Libraries

When you build a sample application, you compile its source code and link that against the SmartMesh library. The SmartMesh library is not included in the On-Chip SDK repository.  

In order to get access to the stack library you will need to create a MyAnalog account. You received a Proof-of-Purchase certificate with your hardware purchase. Please send full contact information of the person receiving the software (name, company, address, phone, email), the 20-digit product key contained on the certificate, and what type of software you are seeking to

Main Directory Structure

The On-Chip SDK repository contains the following directories:

  • onchipsdk/doc/ contains the Doxygen-generated source code documentation, and documentation about the uC/OS-II operating system.
  • onchipsdk/projects/iar/ contains the project files for the tool chain supported by the On-Chip Software Development Kit.
  • onchipsdk/src/ contains the source code of the sample applications.  
    • app/ contains the source code for the sample applications from the Sample Applications.
    • modules/ contains the source code for the CLI Module and Local Interface Module.

  • onchipsdk/tools/ contains tools used by the On-Chip Software Development Kit.

The library contains two additional directories you will add to the onchipsdk/src/ directory:

  • inc/ contains the OCSDK headers
  • lib/ contains the pre-compiled binary library files

If you choose to download a zip from github, the root folder will be called onchipsdk-master rather than onchipsdk

Add the SmartMesh Library

Use the release page to see which SmartMesh library revision is needed for the On-Chip SDK repository you downloaded. The SmartMesh library is found in the SmartMesh IP file under Eterna\Stack Library\rev_x_x_x.

Unzip the file and copy the contents of the dust_stack_ip directory into the onchipsdk/src/ directory described above.

The SmartMesh Library and applications built with it are subject to US export control regulations. See the app note for details.

Do not commit the SmartMesh library back into the On-Chip SDK repository you forked!

To avoid an accidental commit, we strongly encourage to add the SmartMesh library into the .gitignore file of your repository.

Next Step: Install Python