Part 3: A Canopy Network Coordinated through IBM Watson IoT


How the canopy network, which is already deployed in your building works.


The canopy network serves as a backbone for the low-power wireless mesh network you are deploying throughout your building. It consists of a number of SmartMesh IP managers connected to raspberry Pi single board computers, and a some DC9018 boars deployed on different floors of your building.

different DC2274+raspberry Pi gateways are installed on different floors a number of DC9018 provide coverage to the entire floors

The low-power wireless network in each floor is independent. They do, however, share the same netid. This means your mote can attach any of the networks.

Networking Architecture of the Canopy Network

The following diagram shows the networking architecture of the canopy network: each gateway device is connected to the IBM Cloud, to which your Node-RED instance connects.

Crash Course 33.3.1 (given by your instructor)

Ask away until you have a good understanding of how the canopy network is put together.

Software Architecture of a Gateway

This diagram shows what runs on a gateway

Visualizing the Network Topology is a website which shows the topology of the canopy network

Crash Course 33.3.2 (given by your instructor)

Walk around your building with a mote. On each floor there is a canopy network, switch on your mote and verify:

  • that it successfully joins network (look at the LEDs)
  • that it appears on