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Expected completion time of this lab: 30 min.

Import the Node-RED flow

JSON version of the flow

[{"id":"b244b277.a113a","type":"comment","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"Receive (OAP) Data from Motes","info":"","x":154.1999969482422,"y":32.19999694824219,"wires":[]},{"id":"161c9e53.c6ed72","type":"http in","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"","url":"/oap","method":"post","swaggerDoc":"","x":164.20001220703125,"y":82.60000610351562,"wires":[["272dd38f.e53c7c","887aad2b.eb4ee"]]},{"id":"272dd38f.e53c7c","type":"http response","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"","x":293.2000274658203,"y":116.60000610351562,"wires":[]},{"id":"887aad2b.eb4ee","type":"debug","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"OAP data","active":false,"console":"false","complete":"payload","x":497.1999816894531,"y":81.80000305175781,"wires":[]},{"id":"d9fbc935.f43658","type":"comment","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"Receive Network Events","info":"","x":135.6999969482422,"y":165,"wires":[]},{"id":"d0015f05.aa6cd","type":"http in","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"","url":"/event","method":"post","swaggerDoc":"","x":175.89999389648438,"y":211,"wires":[["19bcdf2.30d2221","ca8978d1.e66028"]]},{"id":"19bcdf2.30d2221","type":"http response","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"","x":294.90000915527344,"y":245,"wires":[]},{"id":"ca8978d1.e66028","type":"debug","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"network events","active":false,"console":"false","complete":"payload","x":518.8999633789062,"y":210.1999969482422,"wires":[]},{"id":"ba24702a.d4c76","type":"comment","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"Receive Health Reports from Motes","info":"","x":168.89999389648438,"y":287.0000305175781,"wires":[]},{"id":"42af2ead.69ee1","type":"http in","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"","url":"/hr","method":"post","swaggerDoc":"","x":165.09999084472656,"y":329.00001525878906,"wires":[["ae5a05b3.069f18","86b900c.e71e9"]]},{"id":"ae5a05b3.069f18","type":"http response","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"","x":294.1000061035156,"y":363.00001525878906,"wires":[]},{"id":"86b900c.e71e9","type":"debug","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"health reports","active":false,"console":"false","complete":"payload","x":518.0999603271484,"y":328.20001220703125,"wires":[]},{"id":"8adbbf9f.0f80c","type":"comment","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"Control LED","info":"","x":97.89999389648438,"y":410.0000305175781,"wires":[]},{"id":"a3a3d7cd.fcc178","type":"inject","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"ON","topic":"","payload":"1","payloadType":"num","repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"x":91.19999694824219,"y":459.60003662109375,"wires":[["df0ad2d3.fdfb3"]]},{"id":"532cf9b3.d26a08","type":"inject","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"OFF","topic":"","payload":"0","payloadType":"num","repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"x":93.89999389648438,"y":512.0000305175781,"wires":[["df0ad2d3.fdfb3"]]},{"id":"8aa83bbc.a71358","type":"http request","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"","method":"use","ret":"obj","url":"","tls":"","x":551.2000122070312,"y":484.8001403808594,"wires":[["2e1f1938.3d1aa6"]]},{"id":"df0ad2d3.fdfb3","type":"change","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"mote label","rules":[{"t":"set","p":"motelabel","pt":"msg","to":"58F578","tot":"str"}],"action":"","property":"","from":"","to":"","reg":false,"x":244.20004272460938,"y":486.60003662109375,"wires":[["6154859f.f9306c"]]},{"id":"6154859f.f9306c","type":"function","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"","func":"msg.method   = 'PUT';\nmsg.url      = ''\nmsg.url     += msg.motelabel.slice(0,2).toLowerCase()+'-'\nmsg.url     += msg.motelabel.slice(2,4).toLowerCase()+'-'\nmsg.url     += msg.motelabel.slice(4,6).toLowerCase()\nmsg.url     += '/digital_out/INDICATOR_0';\nmsg.payload  = {\n    'value': msg.payload\n};\nreturn msg;","outputs":1,"noerr":0,"x":393.1999816894531,"y":486.8000793457031,"wires":[["8aa83bbc.a71358"]]},{"id":"2e1f1938.3d1aa6","type":"debug","z":"c139f50c.3569c8","name":"response","active":true,"console":"false","complete":"payload","x":702.9000244140625,"y":483.0000305175781,"wires":[]}]

To import the flow above in your Node-RED instance:

  • copy the string above (triple-click to select, then copy with Ctrl+C)
  • in your Node-RED editor, on the hamburger menu on the upper right, select "Import" > "Clipboard"
  • paste the string (Ctrl+V) and click "Import"
  • activate the flow by clicking on the "Deploy" button

So what will I need to do?

By default, all the "debug" notes of the flow are disabled:

debug node is disableddebug node is enabled

In this lab, you will be interacting with the following nodes:

  1. you will enable/disable printing the received OAP data from motes
  2. you will enable/disable printing the received network events
  3. you will enable/disable printing the received health reports from motes
  4. you will be configuring the address of the mote you want to interact with
  5. you will be clicking to switch the mote's LED on and off

Receive (OAP) Data from Motes

  • enable the "OAP data" debug node
  • each OAP data notifications received by the manager from a mote appears in the debug panel
  • unfold one of the events of with the "channel_str" of "temperature". The temperature reported by the node is the fields/samples[0] sample, in 1/100th of a degree C. In the example above, 27.03 C
  • disable the "OAP data" debug node

Did you know?

Out of the box, a mote generates one temperature sample (from the temperature sensor internal to the chip) every 30 seconds.

Of course, you can complete change that behavior, sample other sensor, entire reprogram the chip to install your own application, etc.

Receive Network Events

  • enable the "network events" debug node
  • to generate network events, power cycle a node (switch it off, then on)
  • a series of network events are reported by the manager, and displayed in the debug panel
  • when power cycling a node, the following event happens:
    • "eventPathDelete": the mote re-joins, so the manager deletes all the paths (wireless communication opportunities) with its neighbors
    • "eventMoteJoin": the mote initiated a joining procedure
    • "eventPathCreate": the mote creates new paths to its neighbors
    • "eventMoteOperational": the mote has fully joined the network
  • disable the "network events" debug node

Receive Health Reports from Motes

  • enable the "health reports" debug node
  • whenever the manager received a health report from a mote, it appears in the debug panel
  • disable the "health reports" debug node

Did you know?

Every mote in the network generates a health report automatically every 5 minutes. These contain counters internal to the mote, statistics about the communication between that neighbor and its neighbors, and lists of nodes it hears.

Listening to health report allows you to assess the health of the network. The manager also uses that information to continuously optimize the network.

Control LEDs

  • enable the "network events" debug node
  • choose a node in your network, ensure:
    • its "LED EN" jumper is in place (so the LEDs are enabled)
    • both green LED are on (meaning  the mote has joined the network)
  • read the unique identifier of the node from the QR-code sticker
  • double-click on the "mote label" node and enter the 6-digits exactly as printed on the sticker, then click "Done"
  • Click "Deploy" to activate your changes
  • You can now click on the ON and OFF nodes to control the LED

    switch the (blue) LED onswitch the (blue) LED off

Where next?

You have obviously only scratched the surface of integrating sensors and actuators with SmartMesh IP.

Thing you can do:

  • use the "On-Chip Application Protocol" (OAP) to control GPIOs and ADC channels. See the SmartMesh IP Tools Guide.
  • write your own mote application which exploits all interfaces (including GPIO, ADC, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire and UART). See the On-Chip SDK space.
  • interface your mote to an external micro-controller. This micro-controller interfaces to sensors and actuators, and uses the SmartMesh IP mote as a simple "modem". See the SmartMesh C Library space.
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